Thursday, February 2, 2017

Castor Oil and lymph improvement part 3

The importance of castor oil improving the lymph system

1. Poor lymphatic drainage can be settle. Most people don't notice any issues with their lymph drainage and most doctors don't take notice until it is a sever problem seen as edema ( swelling)

2.  When cells are pushed away from blood vessels and the chance to receive nutrients and oxygen from the blood they become unhealthy,

3. If the lymph is not moving,  then cells are slow at dumping their waste and toxins outside of  their shells.  Not only does this happen with individual cells but it happens with organs.

4. Increase of fluid outside of cells in the spaces between tissues cause the skin to stretch which puts pressure on the surrounding structures. This leads to stagnation/blockage and pain.

5. So far I do not know of a drug that helps improve the flow of lymphatic system. If there were MDs would be using it as a cure for lymphedema. To date the MDs say there is no cure for lymphedema

What happens when castor  oil is absorbed through the skin

1. The # of lymphocytes in the blood increases. This improves the immune system.

2.  The lymph begins to move , which in turn moves cellular waste and toxins. Which improves muscle nutrition  and function.

3. The lymph in the intestinal lining is better able to absorb fat molecules and help the body which allows the cell the chance for growth and repair

4. The area is stimulated to self lubricate better.

This is just a short example of how castor oil interacts with the lymphatic system. For more information contact me via email and I can send the next installment.

Curious about Reiki

 is a purely energetic bodywork technique. This session is mainly used for relaxation and chakra balancing. For those more familiar with Reiki the session will be customized to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. A full session utilizes hand positions on both the front and back of the body. Energy travels from the chakras in the practitioners hands to the client’s chakras. This is experienced differently by different people. The sensations have been described as heat, cold, tingling or a variety of other sensations. Clients often fall asleep.  There is no manipulation of muscles or skeletal structure. The client wears loose, comfortable clothing and remains clothed throughout the session.

The end of Reiki Principles Explored

We made it through the end of 2016 and worked through 4 of the Reiki principles to give us a good foundation for 2017. Exploring anger and worry allowed us to open our hearts and truly find gratitude. We found new understanding of being honest in our work, which took us through our first month of 2017. How appropriate we come to " Just for Today, I will be kind to Every Living Thing" during the month of Love-February.

It really makes sense to end with kindness. For how can you be kind when you are filled with anger? How can you be kind when you are overcome with worry? If you can't be grateful for all that comes into your life, how can you be kind? If you can't be honest with yourself and how you work, how can you be kind?

When we are grounded and free of vulnerability we can truly work from our accessory tanks and interact with others and all life forms with generosity, consideration, compassion and general kindness. Our light amplifies the light in others.

Remember one reason I started this exploration was to do a cleanse of sorts. I wanted to clear out my emotional, mental and spiritual bodies before I did my physical cleanse. The more I began to understand cellular memory, the more I was moved to understand the need to clear the energy field before the physical. Energetic teachers have long expressed the concept that illness and dis-ease comes to us well before it reaches our physical body. We can't clean our energy field via eating or not eating. One way to move toward more complete healing is to find the appropriate tool to work with each body (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical). In the current world we lean heavily toward tools that care for the physical body. We have not been effectively taught how to use emotional, mental or spiritual tools. Yes, we have those tools but often we will use a mental tool to address an emotional tool and on and on. We can equate this to using scissors to hammer a nail. It's possible to get results but at what expense.

I wanted to take this last exploration to invite you to create your own list of words to explore. You don't have to be a Reiki practitioner or be drawn to Reiki to create this kind of exploration. Words have a vibration and when we explore or mediate on them we move their vibration through us and we can learn. We can learn about ourselves and then our surroundings. What are the first 5 words that come to mind? What 5 words cause a visceral response? These will be your guides and teachers. I'd love to hear where your exploration takes you.

For those of you who have done physical body cleanse before, I invite you to try doing either this Reiki exploration or your own word exploration prior to doing your next juice cleanse or elimination diet and let me know how it changes the outcome of your traditional cleanse/detox. If you have never done a physical body cleanse or detox before, maybe now you will be intrigued to try this energetic cleanse first.

I really hope this exploration of the 5 Reiki Principles brought you insight and joy. Would you like to learn more about Reiki? When was your last Reiki session? How often do you do Self Reiki?
Feel free to contact me at if I can be of help or guidance.